Monday, May 24, 2010

Girl in a Grey and Magenta Dress

Ink, gouache and watercolor on watercolor paper.
Size 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches.


  1. Hi, Mark!

    I used to work at Fantagraphics a long time ago and interviewed you about Alex before the first issue came out for one of their solicitation booklets advertising new comics to retailers. Don't know why you'd remember, but just thought I'd mention it!

    But the reason I stopped by is that I watched the most recent episode of the AMC television show "Breaking Bad" (last Sunday's) entitled "Fly," and it seemed either inspired by your story "Adolph Hears a Who," or just coincidentally developed along similar tracks. The story is about a guy who has caused the death of a woman who starts being tormented psychologically by a small fly that seems to symbolically represent his guilt. He becomes maniacally obsessed with killing this fly, leading him to almost kill himself in his near suicidal attempts to crush this symbol of his guilt. What's even weirder is that at one point in the episode, the other main character in the show jokingly refers to the obsessed guy as "Adolph."

    I'm not saying they based this on your comic, as coincidental developments on similar themes do happen and I actually don't have access to your story at the moment to cross-reference (my Pictopias are in a storage box under other boxes). Just thought I would mention this to you in case you're interested... Here's a link to a synopsis and video clips from the episode:

    Hope you're well! Nice picture above, by the way...

  2. Pinkhamster,
    Yes I remember the interview with you for Alex quite well. I hope you are doing well. As for the similarity between Adolph Hears A Who and an episode of Breaking Bad, I'm sure is coincidentally. Although it would be a kick if my book was an inspiration for the episode.