Saturday, March 12, 2011

Freeway Part 12

One of the highlights of Alex and Chloe's tour of downtown Los Angeles is Angels Flight. A funicular railway, Angels Flight was built in 1901 and transported people up and down Bunker Hill. It was closed and dismantled from it's original site on Third and Hill when Bunker Hill was razed in 1969 and reopened a half a block south in 1996. Angels Flight is one of the gems of downtown and I recommend everyone to go and experience it.

Here are some of my photos and sketches that I did of Angels Flight.

("Angels Flight" and the images of the Angels Flight Railway and cars are trademarks of the Angels Flight Railway Company and are used with permission.)


  1. Great stuff, Alex! Thanks for putting Angels Flight in your new novel, and your sketches are wonderful!

    Leonard Auslender
    Angels Flight Railway Company

  2. Great work! I've been meaning to go for walkabout in downtown LA!