Friday, February 18, 2011

Freeway Part 7

As the title suggest, a good part of the book takes place on the L.A freeway system. I tried to draw actual locations on the freeway. With the help of family members who would either drive or shoot for me, I tried to photograph the whole freeway route that Alex takes in the story. Here are some photos of the 134/5 Freeway junction, looking east, from the back of my brother's truck.

Using these pictures as reference, I drew a rough drawing of the freeway without any vehicles.
After drawing the freeway I needed to put the cars in.  
I drew just simple boxes and shapes to represent the cars. By doing it this way, I did not worry myself about the details. Instead its just to see how the general composition will work and how many cars I will eventually  have to draw. The details came later.

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