Monday, February 28, 2011

Freeway Part 9

 There is one sequence in Freeway where Alex takes his girl, Chloe, on a tour of downtown Los Angeles. Alex is a huge fan of downtown and wants to show the beautiful architecture and explain the history of this area. Chloe, like a lot of people, feels that downtown  is place to be avoided, like she asks, "Isn't it full of homeless and crime?" Alex wants to debunk this myth and takes Chloe on a magical mystery tour of downtown. To draw this tour, I took many pictures and drew many sketches to render an accurate look of the downtown core. Here is some of my work that I created ten years ago. All these sketches were drawn on the spot with pen and marker on sketch paper.

Fifth Street.

Grand Ave.

Looking Down on Hill St.

Los Angeles Central Library.

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